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Colin Panetta On Changes At Diamond
posted February 2, 2009 : Diamond's Bill Schanes on the Benchmark Change

Hey Tom. This email is in response to the above linked Newsarama interview.

I think it's an unarguable point that Diamond's changes are solid business decisions. My problem with what they're doing is that they have no plan to try and make things better. They're just packing it in and going to try and weather the storm. This type of "bail out the boat but don't try to plug up the hole in the bottom of it" thinking isn't going to do anything but temporarily improve their bottom line. All they're thinking about is working their money out enough to simply stay afloat. What they need to do is come up with innovative ideas to help breathe new life into the industry (or at least their part of it). Easier said than done, I know, but cutting O/As, for example, is NOT going to grow the industry.

I don't like how when asked about publisher impact, he focuses on the 1% of their smallest publishers who will likely be completely dropped. What about the publishers who won't be totally obliterated by this? Like AdHouse? That's a toll he did not acknowledge. I feel like he was minimizing the extent of the damage by focusing on how low the number 1 is.

Here's my favorite quote:

" one's every [sic] said that Diamond is the only place that you can sell comics through."

Cute. And how about that typo, huh? A Freudian slip that's too good to be true! I know it actually shouldn't, but that really should be the quote of the week.