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Sean T. Collins On Comics At NYCC 2009
posted February 11, 2009

It seemed to me like the place was LOUSY with comics. Not in the genre-to-genre ratios I prefer, necessarily, but there's no reason why a mainstreamy comics fan couldn't just glut herself on shaking hands with Carmine Infantino and getting the latest Mighty Avengers issue signed and grabbing Scott Pilgrim and going to some dopey panel with Colleen Doran on it and so on and so forth.

I also wanted to thank you for when you said "look at the absence of Fantagraphics like an opportunity to spend more time with Fanfare/Ponent Mon." That's exactly what I did! Introducing myself to the Fanfare guy and the Vertical guy, and chatting at length with James Lucas Jones and Leigh Walton and Chris Staros and Ross Campbell, made the weekend feel a LOT less like junk food. That was a really good strategy.

Meanwhile, my buddy Josiah came into town, and half the fun of the show was seeing how much fun he had. He used the fact that he teaches comics as an excuse to have lengthy conversations with pretty much any artist he wanted, because they were all so happy to meet someone who teaches comics, and because he clearly wasn't trying to get anything out of them except "hey, check out my website if you feel like it." Ted McKeever, Billy the Sink, Madden and Abel, Richard Starkings, Jim Starlin, John Paul Leon, Brian Bolland--he had a blast. It was adorable.