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Michael Aushenker On Cheap Serial Comics
posted April 6, 2009

1) if you're a Steve Gerber fan, I strongly recommend this issue of BACK ISSUE magazine if you have not read it yet - it came out last November:

True, I did contribute to it: I wrote the "Gerber's Gruesomes" piece - exploring his Bronze Age Marvel supernatural work (Man-Thing, Son of Satan, Tales of the Zombie, Lillith, Morbius and The Living Mummy) and I even got Pablo Marcos to contribute two new illustrations for the article, including one rendering all six of the characters analyzed.

But my participation aside, it's one of the best issues of BACK ISSUE ever put together, and a great parallax view of Gerber's career. The OMEGA THE UNKNOWN article is great, and even pieces on his last and next to last works are fascinating and illuminating regarding his process with his co-writer, Mary S. Ironically, # 31 was the least planned of the BACK ISSUE themes which inform each issue, as editor Mike Eury re-arranged his schedule to shoehorn in a Gerber tribute. His instincts were money: that issue of the mag got a lot of great write-ups, including a pick of the month last month in Comics Buyers Guide.

2) Like you, I'm a sucker for '70s Kirby, particularly The Demon, Kamandi and Machine Man. Oh, and the great Bicentennial Battles Cap A. Treasury. On=2 0this note, I point you in the direction of the great Cartoon Network cartoon, BATMAN: BRAVE AND THE BOLD, easily my favorite of all Batman cartoons. In one episode, they paid tribute to Kirby by having the opener feature Kamandi and a great little sight gag bearing the dynamic (and infamous?) cover of OMAC # 1. Two other episodes, including last night's (the better of the 2) featured Jason Blood/Etrigan. Anyway, if you missed these episodes, I'm sure you can find them online or on the inevitable first season DVDs.

That's it for now, keep up the great work.