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Ng Suat Tong On CR's Archives
posted April 11, 2009

I've been spending time reading The Comics Reporter after a certain period away from comics reportage/criticism and must say that there really is a slowly developing, cumulative power in all the archived material. And unlike a paper mag, it's all at your fingertips.

The comic library article you did in 2008 was really quite fun and made me think about filling up the gaps in my Arcade collection. I doubt if a similar list would be "required" in most other artforms. You can go to art galleries and libraries for everything else but not comics. What you don't buy is very often what you don't read. The Lynda Barry interview was shocking -- I mean the part about her not having a publisher. Also, it's one of the rare sites where I actually get to read interviews with people who write about comics for a living including my favourite Journal writer -- Bob Levin. I wouldn't have looked at The Savage Critic without your interviews.

Anyway, great way to catch up on comics.