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Sean Kleefeld On Last Friday's Five For Friday
posted April 26, 2009

Sean Kleefeld

1. Fantastic Four #5 (1962)
2. Motion Pictures Funnies Weekly giveaway (1939)
3. World's Fair Comics #1 (1939)
4. Seduction of the Innoncent (1954)
5. Silver Surfer #1 (1987)

Okay, SotI isn't exactly a comic but it's a critically and firmly established part of comic history. The reason why I would've liked to have bought it when it came out is to be able to read it within the social context in which it was written. It's easy to look back on it now and point out the absurdities of Wertham's arguments, but I'd like to know what it was like to experience that first-hand, and to really see just how irriational people were being. For as much as I've read about that period, and for as cynical as I can get, I still can't wrap my head around just how insane things must have been back then.