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Evan Dorkin On An Addendum To This Week's Five For Friday About Day-Of Purchases
posted April 26, 2009

If I could have gone back and edited my entry, I would have included Raw #1, which I never even saw, as best as I can remember, when it first hit.

Also, Jimbo #1, the first over-sized Raw-release. When I was working at Jim Hanley's first comic shop (the Fantastic Store, which he co-owned with a partner, Dave Brucas), they ordered a copy of this big, bizarre comic with cardboard covers that was apparently written and drawn by a lunatic. I would take it down from the high shelf -- the only one it could fit on -- every once in a while, spread it out on the back issue bin nearest the racks, and read through it. I must have read it four or five times, at least, trying to figure out what about it was attracting/repelling me, and whether or not I liked it, and whether or not I should use my store credit/pay to pick it up. I never did. It sat there seemingly forever, and I always thought about getting it, but Crisis On Infinite Earths and EC reprints and the early Fantagraphics books always won out. Eventually it was gone, like an old piece of furniture suddenly removed, leaving the impression that the room was always "wrong" afterward. I've always regretted not getting it.

Even though I'm still not sure if I liked it or not.