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Brian Hibbs on Alan David Doane on Comics Retailing
posted August 25, 2005

Brian Hibbs

Hokey smokes, Alan, with each post you're making it worse.

Look, it sure seems to me that you don't know nothing about comics retailing. I have face-out display of Embroideries and Summer Blonde, while I sell a whole lot of that yummy material, what pays the rent on a week-to-week basis is the habitual serialized fiction that you so deride.

See, what we want you to understand is that it is often the SAME PERSON buying House of M and Optic Nerve, really, really it usually is!

Are SOME stores blinkered and willfully ignorant and bad business people? Well, uh, sure, of course. There are lousy restaurants out there, too. But "most"? Not by far, man. "Racist"? "Misogynistic"? Come on, please.

There's not enough "high quality" (ie: the FBI/D&Q/Top Shelf axis) material released on a frequent enough basis to sustain the repeat shopping trips a specialty store needs to sustain itself. Look, even Barnes & Noble and Borders generate a significant percentage of their overall sales to new releases.