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ComicsPRO On Urging Retailers to Join ComicsPRO (PR)
posted December 17, 2006

December 14, 2006

Contact: Joe Field, ComicsPRO President

ComicsPRO Encourages New Retailer Sign-Ups
Year-End Benefits Will Continue into New Year

Comics Professional Retail Organization (ComicsPRO), the only trade organization specifically dedicated to the progress of comic book specialty retailers, is making another pitch to have all direct market store-front retailers join the non-profit trade association.

"Membership in ComicsPRO is a great deal for every storefront comic book retailer," said Joe Field, owner of Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff in Concord CA, and ComicsPRO's president. "In addition to the menu of benefits the organization has rolled out over the last year, including preferential deals for credit card processing, health insurance and comic inventory systems, joining ComicsPRO by the end of calendar year 2006 will have more benefits for retailers all through 2007."

ComicsPRO board members recently announced the group's first meeting in Las Vegas, scheduled for April 11-13, 2007 at the Orleans Hotel & Casino. Among the agenda items at the Vegas meeting will be the election of three new ComicsPRO board members, along with goal-setting and meeting with industry partners to effect change benefiting everyone involved with comics, including retailers, publishers and fans.

"ComicsPRO full members in good standing are eligible for special registration terms to the Vegas event, effectively paying for much of each retailer's annual dues," said Field. "Retailers attending the Vegas show will be a part of an event that will impact the future for every comics' retailer, so it makes good business sense for all retailers to be there."

Annual dues for ComicsPRO membership are $300 per full member with voting privileges and $99 for Associate, non-voting status. Registration for the Las Vegas ComicsPRO meeting is $50 for Full Members for the first attendee, and $100 per additional attendee. Registration for the Las Vegas meeting for Associate Members is $100 for the first attendee ($50 of which can be applied to a membership upgrade at the meeting), and $150 per additional attendee. Non-Members registration fee for the Las Vegas meeting is $450 per attendee.

"Join ComicsPRO before December 31," said Field, "and not only will you avail yourself of numerous member benefits, but you'll also have a valid tax write-off, too."

ComicsPRO member application forms can be down-loaded at:

For more information, please contact .


ComicsPRO's stated goals are for direct market specialty retailers to speak with a single, strong voice on important industry issues, to provide educational and mentoring support to current and future retailers, and to offer opportunities to reduce some of the fixed costs that all comics' specialty retailers incur.

ComicsPRO membership currently comprises more than 80 retailers with more than 120 retail store-fronts in 30 states.