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Harlan Ellison on the Ellison/FBI Case and CR's Coverage of Same
posted February 16, 2007

Editor's Note: I received the following post from Harlan Ellison's web site in cut and paste fashion from a pair of e-mailers. I would assume from what's written in the fourth paragraph that Mr. Ellison wants this posted on the site. Since we don't have a message board, it seems to me the letters section would be an appropriate place for it to go. If anyone out there objects to that placement, and would prefer for whatever reason to see this in the body of the blog portion of the site instead, I'll be happy to do that as well upon such a request.


I believe this is the primary article referenced.


- Thursday, February 15 2007 21:50:58

ALAN COIL, et al:

"The Comics Reporter" is a website run by Tom Spurgeon. Tom Spurgeon edited the Groth/Fantagraphics book which forms a part of my lawsuit, which has NOTHING to do with First Amendment rights, and Spurgeon/Groth/Thompson know it. Whaddaya think, perhaps not the most objective site to find information on this litigation? Groth hires Spurgeon (and probably Welsh, whoever he is); Welsh reinterprets the CBLDF refusal to aid Groth, or to go anywhere near what is basically a civil suit between antagonists, both of whom work in the field; Spurgeon promotes it on his Groth aka Tokyo Rose bill-o'reilly-style website. Res ipsa loquitor, the thing speaks for itself. Do the linking of sausages here. They have used that "my right to be a malevolent prick is being Constitutionally impeded" smoke-screen boogeyman over and over and over for at least thirty years in attempts to ward off due retribution for their ongoing bad acts against those far and wide who, if they dare to raise a squawk about being treated unfairly or meanspiritedly or evilly, derogatorily, libelously, slanderously, are instantly cast by Groth & Co. as Evil Tools of the Bad Guy Apparat.

CBLDF is not only neutral on this lawsuit, which Spurgeon & David P. Welsh choose to spin otherwise, please note they have not been pressed into publishing a statement that refers to MY asking for help...because I never tried to be so duplicitous as to seek same from a terrrific and overburdened organization so busy with REAL censorship matters that they don't have time to wipe the noses of crybabies. CBLDF has tried to be polite in the way they have rebuffed Groth's whining appeal for "underdog assistance," but the simple fact is that Groth asked, CBLDF said no, and now they try to spin the "get lost, kiddo" so it seems CBLDF is "aiding" Groth's case.

And I notice neither Mr. Spurgeon nor Mr. Welsh have made much of a posting about Groth/Fantagraphics and their high-priced cadre of attorneys, who tried to get my litigation dismissed in Federal District Court, getting their asses handed to them last week at the hands of the Court and MY attorneys, John H. Carmichael and Charlie Petit, Mortar&Pestle of Truth.

Please post this back on as many websites--particularly Mr. Spurgeon's COMIC REPORTER--as you can. Then watch, and see how few with chains rattled by Groth, do the fair-&-unbiased, and run it.

Go, Alan, go and do the Lord's Work. Yr. pal, Harlan