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January 28, 2014

Bunded Extra: Joe Casey And An All-Star Team Of Artists To Work On Captain Victory For Dynamite

imageFor some reason I totally missed out on news that the writer Joe Casey will be working with a bunch of different artists on the Jack Kirby Captain Victory concept in the form of a series for Dynamite. An e-mail I just tracked down from Casey brought it to my attention. Sorry, guys. The series will start this summer, and the artists listed are Farel Dalrymple, Ulises Farinas, Michel Fiffe, Nathan Fox, Jim Mahfood, Benajmin Marr, Jim Rugg and Connor Willumsen -- a fine line-up of artists that work on the outer edges of mainstream comics expression.

This will be the second series from Nick Barrucci's company -- they did on in 2011-2012 featuring a number of artists working with the writer Sterling Gates. This one would seem to have a more significant creative pedigree coming into the work: Casey's done good work with Kirby concepts and Kirby-like concepts at various points in his career, and all of those artists have made intriguing work and most are kind of open, enthusiastic fans of Kirby. The Captain Victory material was originally published by Pacific Comics -- Topps had the license for for several years and did some re-publishing, as I recall. While it may be best known in comics history for the fact that Jack Kirby's name being affiliated with one of the smaller publishers was one way that New York establishment publishing woke up to the fact that these might be companies to which they should pay attention, that material like of Kirby's work is filled with fun, workable concepts that would seem to have a lot of life in them for other creators.
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