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July 9, 2013

Bundled Extra: Launches A Comics Line

imageStory here. Jet City Comics. It's a baby story, all snot and crying. Any analysis that comes to mind is so screamingly obvious -- " is a very big bookseller and this line has the advantage of working with that bookseller" -- that I'm pretty sure I'm better off playing catch for a while until something sparks a less-dumb line of inquiry. I am genuinely happy that some comics-makers will be getting work. That's always a nice thing. More marketplace options are usually a positive but there are times when the success of an initiative or the size of the player behind it actually limits options by locking them into place -- couldn't begin to tell you if that's a possibility here. I also suppose there's a chance that Amazon will find a way to sell its books that can be helpful for selling comics more generally -- it looks like this is digital serialization followed by print/digital collection, which now becomes an interesting strategy just for selecting it. As for the content, I have to say it's hard for me to imagine a team of scientists working for 100 years would be able to come up with an initial line-up of comics in which I had less interest, although I imagine they'll have more than enough fans to make a go of it.
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