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May 7, 2014

Bundled Extra: Cartoon Books Solicits Tüki #1

imageThis somehow escaped my attention in the announcement phase, and it could be that I have the story totally wrong in my head, but it seems worth nothing that there was a solicitation for a print-comic version of Jeff Smith's Tüki webcomic -- a black and white serial comic of the kind that really, really worked out for Smith and Cartoon Books with Bone and more recently with RASL. Smith has always been straight-forward about how well his work both in comic book form (naturally, since that's the market for it) and book form (a little less naturally, because that's a shared market) has been supported by the world's comics and hobby shops. So it would make sense that Tüki would offer that as an element of its publishing plan.

The great thing about people like Mark Waid and Jeff Smith entering into the digital market is that they have these previously successful models under their belts, which I think allows them to pursue strategies fashioned of more interesting hybrids than someone for whom the basic model selected represents a more significant risk.
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