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September 7, 2017

Bundled Extra: Dan Gearino Interviews Dick Swan

One of the big releases of the Fall for me is Dan Gearino's Comic Shop. I wrote the foreword, apparently. I hope it's at least pretty good so as not to ruin what I hope is a fun reading experience. I love love love the sprawling, no barriers for entry early comics shops. The way that I got comics that sustained my interest in the early 1980s when the spinner rack no longer had comics for me, I consider it something of a miracle because of the unlikely moving part. Hopefully this book describes if not explains what the hell was going on, the truth behind all the stories of a medium growing with the help of these weird spaces.

This interview is promising. I don't think I even new that at one point in the '60s San Jose had three different comic shops being run by kids younger than 18 years old, one of them at least riding his bike to work. God, that photo alone. I won't republish it here pretending it's fair use, but I want to. Cleo and Violent Jones!
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