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September 3, 2013

Bundled Extra: Don Rosa Library Series News Slips Out


Listings for a Fantagraphics-published Don Rosa Library have slipped out through the usual on-line booksellers. According to Fantagraphics' Eric Reynolds, the series had yet to be officially announced.

The Rosa duck comics are super-fun. Rosa is a major fan of the great Carl Barks, whose comics Fantagraphics has been publishing in a similar format. He is also a very, very clever writer. If you are the kind of person that does not like comics that in some way refer to other comics, the Rosa material that does this will likely be the exception to your rule. Don Rosa and Fantagraphics go way back to Rosa's pre-Disney comics. Rosa and Fantagraphics head honcho Gary Groth were both 1960s/1970s super-fans and collectors -- Rosa in Kentucky; Groth in the DC area -- of the kind that receive local newspaper profiles. I believe they remain go-out-to-dinner friendly. I always enjoy seeing Don Rosa at shows around the country, and I'd love to see him get some of the respect in North America that he receives in various European markets.

The catalog page I was sent has this as a $29.99 hardcover for 248 pages. That should discount nicely, but at that price, the cheapest among us might not wait.
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