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April 1, 2013

Bundled Extra: Jeff Smith Artist's Edition, Webcomic

imageThere was a bunch of pretty interesting comics news out of WonderCon; as a big-publisher, mainstream show, it's a handy way for comics people to drive attention to future projects through panel announcements and accessing press both on site and eager to do something in coordination with the show.

The cartoonist Jeff Smith had the most interesting pair of announcements.

The first is that he'll be doing a prehistoric story with comedic elements called Tuki Save The Humans that will feature a significant free digital/on-line component. I read that here first. That's worth noting because a) new Jeff Smith, b) Smith is one of the last two decades' biggest proponent of serial indy comics, so this is a shift, c) we don't have a ton of creator-driven projects in digital form with comics-makers that have an established comic-book past, at least not yet.

For the second, here's an interview with Artist's Edition series editor Scott Dunbier about adding a collection of Jeff Smith stories to the books with the original art/color photocopied format that everyone loves so well. I believe Smith either all of his original art or practically all of his art, minus a few gifts perhaps, so he's a natural for this kind of treatment. I hope this means we'll see a run of independent-era cartoonists in this series. One of my worries when it was announced was that the financial investment involved meant that we'd only get really top-selling work: Walt Simonson and Frank Miller and that kind of comic -- which I love seeing, of course, but it's nice that we may get a variety of styles available to us in this series.

The initial Bone book will focus on the storyline "The Great Cow Race" with some extras and more perhaps made available in different editions down the line. I find Smith's originals sort of fascinating, so I'm glad others will get to see them.
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