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July 2, 2013

Bundled Extra: Kitchen Sink Becomes Imprint At Dark Horse

imageThe hobby business news and analysis site has a story up I didn't even know about in whisper form -- that Denis Kitchen will have Kitchen Sink as an imprint of Dark Horse now, to be called Kitchen Sink Books, from which we can expect four to six books a year. Kitchen Sink Press was an underground comix publisher that moved into the alternative/independent comics world with some success, lasting from 1970 to 1999, and founder/owner Denis Kitchen has remained involved in comics in various capacities since. Kitchen is super well-connected and has access to a lot of archival material, so there could be some fine books made as a result of this deal.

This story makes a certain amount of sense to me for something I've been mentioning here and there on CR recently: that a lot of comics companies seem to my mind more suited to be imprints than they are comics companies. In other words, the driving impulse behind a lot of comics publishers seems more about curating and packaging rather than a unique business set-up to serve that editorial structure. Editorial packaging isn't KSP's entire legacy -- they did have almost 30 years as their own entity -- but it makes sense that this is a way to carry on that legacy in new form as opposed to a brand new venture replicating the entire of the old one.
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