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February 4, 2014

Bundled Extra: Koyama Press Announces Fall 2014 Season; Names Two Books As First Kids Comic Season


Well-regarded boutique publisher Koyama Press has announced its full line-up of books for Fall 2014, including a bunch of stuff that I don't think I'd heard about yet in addition to make one or two projects official. They have also announced a formal move into kids' comics for the first time, with two book debuting in that part of their line after the halfway point of this year.

Books announced in the regular line are [covers above]:

* Baby Bjornstrand, Renee French, softcover, 9781927668139, 131 pages, full-color, September, $20.
* Distance Mover, Patrick Kyle, softcover, 9781927668085, 188 pages, two-color, September, $20.
* Lose #6, Michael DeForge, softcover, 9781927668122, 52 pages, black-and-white, September, $8.
* Wendy, Walter Scott, softcover, 9781927668092, 216 pages, black-and-white, November, $18.

Books announced in [covers below]:

* Cat Dad, King of the Goblins, Britt Wilson, softcover, 9781927668115, 48 pages, color, September, $12.
* A Cat Named Tim and Other Stories, John Martz, hardcover, 9781927668108, 52 pages, color, September $19.95.

In addition to reading about each of the books in the liniked-to announcement above, you can always go look at an individual artist's on-line presence -- DeForge, French, Kyle, Martz, Scott, Wilson -- or check out Koyama more generally.

That sounds like a strong season for the publisher, and I love how other than their relationship to DeForge they really don't have a central identity stronger than founder Anne Koyama -- I think that's the best way to do it those first few years and in fact is a time-honored way of forging an identity for a company years at a time.

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