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December 17, 2013

Bundled Extra: Marvel + Wizard World Launch Variants Program

I thought this bit of PR worth mentioning because, if I'm understanding it correctly, it's a program by which people that attend Wizard World shows at certain levels of money paid will get as one of their perks a variant-cover issue of a comic book. Variants aren't a new thing, but the level of specific targeting we see with variant covers is indeed something new, and conventions are one of the entities -- along with specific stores and specific comics-related charities -- participating in such programs. I am of the mind that when rampant they are generally harmful to comics in the way I want to see comics succeed -- as a popular art form driven by content as opposed to a collectibles activity driven by overt market manipulation. I wish they didn't exist. At the same time, I have a hard time working up a panic over individual instances, and can sort of understand wanting a special cover for a special issue of a series I'm following, or whatever. I suppose what I'm getting at is an orientation towards this kind of thing might become deeply worrisome, or at least needlessly distracting, and thus demands our attention.
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