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June 3, 2014

Bundled Extra: Marvel-Continuity Knowledgeable Bloggers Wanted

I can't vouch for it, and I don't think I qualify, but I received this e-mail and thought it worth passing along.
Hello, my name is Ian and I was a member of the Jarvis Heads of back in its heyday.

imageRecently I received word that the inimitable Nathan Adler of Fan Fix has taken a turn for the worse with his MS. In an effort to do something that goes beyond writing for myself, I am shifting gears looking to publish a book called No-Prize devoted entirely to Marvel continuity-fixes which attempts to raise money amongst comic fans to help make Nate's recovery as soft as possible. To facilitate this, I'm requesting famous comic webloggers that are able to contribute an essay or more that starts with a retcon they hated or an abandoned plot they felt they could resolve better than the "top-flight industry johnny-come-latelies" who tried and failed miserably.

I am of course spreading the word about all of this as far and as wide as possible -- which brings me to you. Can you help?

Thank you in advance for any consideration you can spare.
If anyone wants to explain this to me so that I can participate, I'd certainly read an e-mail, but I figure this is the kind of thing where if you understand all of the words you're halfway there.
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