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March 10, 2014

Bundled Extra: Mineshaft Releases 30th Issue Cover Imagery


When a comics publication covers one aspect of the medium so much better than it's being covered elsewhere at that moment, the way Mineshaft has been covering the undergrounds and the first-generation alt-comics people influenced most heavily by the undergrounds, there's a tendency to see the publication as a place where those practitioners and their hardest-core fans go to high-five each other rather than as a place to encounter vibrant work.

I am not a natural reader for either of those two kinds of comics. The majority of comics I value the most came later, from mostly younger artists. I still find Mineshaft super-valuable in reminding me of a form of expression mostly lost as attention has drifted elsewhere. I also think that everything Robert Crumb decides to do and support to be at least a little bit interesting. Anyway, I really admire the independent, hard-won aesthetic of Mineshaft, what it finds valuable and the way it gives those artists a platform. I hope that you might try an issue to see if there's anything there for you, too. You can order here.

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