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May 7, 2019

Bundled Extra/Missed It: Chicago Reader Ends Their Brief Comics Section Experiment

I had barely noticed that Melissa Mendes, Mike Centeno and the great John Porcellino had a small section of comics to themselves within the legendary Chicago Reader before it had gone away. I hope people keep trying comics in all sorts of places. I don't know what happy accidental confluence of events make a section of anything stick around these days but I'm also kind of certain no one else will know until someone stumbles across it. The Matt Bors-related material that's worked to varying degrees a few times in the last half-decade seemed to do so because of way their sponsoring publications valued hit counts at various times, for instance, although Matt is probably leaping to his keyboard to tell me I have this totally wrong. What I'm certain of is that very little has settled into formula this entire decade except maybe TV-style serials. Keep at it, everyone! Thank you to Melissa, Mike and John and I hope at least one of you got to check off an "I always wanted to do a strip like this" box on your own personal list.
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