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June 2, 2014

Bundled Extra: My Theory Is I Knew Of This And Forgot It Because I Was So Delighted I Passed Out


My memory is a suburban garage these days, but a quick look at Amazon and at Random House's site tells me that the long-rumored book-length Here from Richard McGuire is due to come out this fall from Pantheon. So this is really only news because I didn't have this information in the three square feet of workable space in front of where the boxes begin, but it's good enough news I don't mind making a post of it. It's going to be 320 pages. Like many comics readers, I'm a great fan of the original short story, and I'm also enough of a fan of its creator generally so as to be excited with whatever the heck he's going to do with it in this iteration. When he appeared at the last BCGF a couple of years ago there was some talk of this edition, and I do manage to remember that looked and sounded promising.
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