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January 21, 2014

Bundled Extra: Retrofit In Midst Of Subscription Drive

imageThe small publisher Retrofit will upgrade to twelve-comics schedule in 2014, and is in the midst of a subscription drive in order to fund their year.

The artists announced are:

* Sam Alden
* Niv Bavarsky
* Josh Bayer
* Box Brown
* Ben Constantine
* Antoine Cosse
* Anne Emond
* Madeleine Flores
* Zac Gorman
* Akino Kondoh
* Jack Teagle

The Kondoh comic will be translated by Ryan Holmberg. Box Brown will provide two works, brining the total to twelve. Full-year, half-year, full-year digital only and half-year digital only are available at the Retrofit store.

That sounds like a very good line-up to me, and I'm happy for short works being done by a variety of newer cartoonists. A lot depends on the execution on the page, though, which I think might make a subscription more difficult for someone not on board with the underlying nobility of the project and its potential. I would have to imagine there are more than enough of those people, and let's hope for Retrofit's sake they're on board.
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