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October 9, 2013

Bundled Extra: Robert Kirkman To Team With Paul Azaceta For Demonic Possession Title Outcast In 2014

imageThis is the kind of story that more frequently stops the presses -- or whatever one calls the presses these days -- at the bigger comics sites, if only temporarily: the writer Robert Kirkman of Invincible and The Walking Dead will team with the artist Paul Azaceta on a series about a man struggling with demonic possession, bearing the title Outcast, that is set to come out in 2014. There's a bunch here that's worth noting for any site, though. Kirkman is an extremely popular comics writer, and seems devoted to remaining one. Anything he does is of interest. Azaceta is one of those talents whose work has been super-solid, particularly on the BPRD titles, but hasn't quite settled into a high-profile project. This is apparently a horror title, a growing category for direct market shops, and features a narrative hook that becomes more prominent just for Kirkman's endorsement. Outcast will be an Image title, and Image has done well with Kirkman's work and with growing a set number of creator-driven titles that feel like a big deal due to industry factors brought about in part by Kirkman -- a narrative of creators working their own creations to greater potential reward.

I think announcements like this are super-key for Image, because of the nature of the audience right now: there's a significant audience that wants to sample new comics but because of the sheer amount of work out there, including a full-court press on the most popular characters by the mainstream companies, they want to spend that money wisely -- part of that is audiences seem to want more than ever to be directed to the bigger-deal comics. This is a fascinating tightrope to walk because I'm sure everyone feels their title is important, whether at Image or elsewhere. Another factor here worth a mention is that Image used NYCC imminence to make an announcement through media in a way that didn't really count on anyone being at NYCC -- a growing trend, particularly for two days before a show until about a day in.
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