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March 6, 2014

Bundled Extra: Top Shelf Formally Announces Return Of Pete Sickman Garner's Hey, Mister Comics

imageLike most of what goes on in comics between people talking to one another informally, creators and companies each having different branding and news-content needs, and the requirements that book distribution can foist upon a company in terms of having a schedule set far in advance, I imagine most people knew that Pete Sickman-Garner's Hey, Mister! series was going to make a comeback this year in some form. It's still good to see the announcement and a cover image. I'm always fascinated by people that take a different approach to releasing work mid-career as it seems Sickman-Garner, once a prolific maker of comic-book format comics, will be doing here. I also think it's worth noting for the role that collections of Sickman-Garner's work had at Top Shelf pretty early on. Heck, it'll be nice to just see that guy around. Also: more comics!

I'm still a little bit unclear as to how announcements are going to settle in as a thing with comics people -- there's no dominant working model, yet, so formally announcing on one's own web site seems as good a ploy as any. I kind of thought we might be at the place where people were being hired to provide content for such things, but that seems a bit off yet. Plus there are so many books now.
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