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February 24, 2014

Bundled Extra: Two Key Mini-Comics Developments -- Oily Bundles, Tiny Report Launches


* Oily Comics, which has previously announced it would be stepping away from its micro-mini subscription set-up, has announced its first bundled package offering for Spring 2014. This would seem to keep the "getting a pile of material in the mail" aspect of the previous Oily strategy while allowing for the curation of several things outside the previous format as part of the main package itself, and perhaps give Charles Forsman a more directed, controlled way to finance the whole endeavor. This also means a test of sort for Oily as a company defined by aesthetics, or at least a variety of approaches, as opposed to that very specific idea for distributing comics.

* Robyn Chapman has launched the ambitious site-with-distro-elements The Tiny Report, which should at the very least gather into one place information on all types of micro-press offering that involve comics.I wish I could write one of those super-blabby stories on this because I know for some folks that a long story means a more important story, but it seesm fairly self-evident that everyone with an interest in comics with even a single step back from furious commercialization on every level will want to bookmark that site and see where Chapman takes it.

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