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February 5, 2013

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* Derf Backderf posted the above page for a forthcoming SLG anthology called SLG Stories Volume Two: Too Stupid to Die. I don't usually like posting entire images like that when they're not covers or one of a number, but I hope Derf will forgive me as I want people to know about the SLG book so it can be on their individual radars -- it's apparently to fund a move into a new space.

image* there will be a massive Wolverine book out in time for this summer's movie. This probably shouldn't drive its own point here, but Marvel's book collecting strategies over the last 20 years have been so bizarre at times that them doing something that makes basic sense strikes me as noteworthy. Also, it's sort of fun to see what Marvel considers the important Wolverine books. That character was I believe created by Len Wein, John Romita Sr. (design) and Herb Trimpe (first comic appearance).

* an Igort book from Jonathan Cape.

* another Wilfred Santiago sports book, this one on Michael Jordan in Spring 2014. That's good news.

* I don't usually just link to promotional sites, but this photoset for the Julio's Day book from Gilbert Hernandez garnered my attention earlier this morning. With this book and the Marbles volume, this should be a big year for one of the world's great cartoonists.

* Comic Book Creator is imminent.

* the latest First Second brochure only had two books on it I hadn't seen before: something called The Cute Girl Network, by Greg Means and MK Reed and Joe Flood, and the second Tune book from Derek Kirk Kim, called Tune: Still Life. Both are due in November. I know the Kim will be good and Flood seems like he was grown in a laboratory to make First Second-style comics.

* you can read about color Kevin O'Neill Warlock comics being collected this Fall here: 2013-02-01_Nemesis_colour.pdf

* you can read about the latest release from SelfMadeHero here: Muder_Mile_Press_Release_web.pdf

* Sonny Liew talks here about his work helping put together a comics line for Epigram Books.

* finally, Austin English sent out a release on behalf of a new offering at Domino Books, Tusen Hjartan Stark #1. That book features the work of Warren Craghead, which is enough for me right there. The page below is by Joanna Hellgren.

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