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February 19, 2013

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* Ariel Bordeaux's The Complete Deep Girl is imminent, with promises of copies to be mailed out ahead of a March 1st release date and party. That seems to me a perfect project for boutique or micro-publishing, whatever you want to call it.

image* there's a lengthy preview of Colleen Doran's continuation of her A Distant Soil series through Image over at CBR.

* Valiant joins the ranks of publishers doing a run of cheaper books as -- I believe -- an inducement to bring in new readers. I think that kind of thing is nice, although I would imagine you need a certain kind of invested retailer to make it work.

* if you want something of a public-announcement nature that's very good news, you can go with IDW announcing a kind of survey-style EC book with various artists in their awesome Artists Edition format. That should be something. I like how this opens up that format to a few more anthology-type issues, too. Like a RAW one would be amazing. Or a Zap.

* the Steve Niles-helmed line of comics will apparently launch in May, with an Alan Moore/David Lloyd project for the Occupy Comics Anthology project probably being what you'll hear about most.

* this will be the cover art of Prophet #37, the last for that artist.

* Sam Henderson writes about plans for The Magic Whistle, including bringing in a couple of outside talents per issue with specific roles, and why he's going to stick by the standard comic-book format in this Age Of Graphic Novels. I suspect that the perceived rejection of the alternative comic book is really about saturation and a very specific hitch in that model for smaller publishers, so I hope that enough people stick by it and return to it that we could see a mini-renaissance.

* Sean Gaffney discusses recent manga license acquisitions.

* I sort of knew that Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios were doing a western at Image, but I don't know that I'd seen any art yet.

* finally, there's a preview of Maurice Sendak's My Brother's Book at The Guardian.

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