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February 26, 2013

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* Dan Zettworch offers a look at the final Leon Beyond collection cover.

image* here's something that I hadn't noticed: a collection of Steve Gerber Superman mythos stories. That's probably not even a fair description; I'm largely unfamiliar with that work. There's a lot of things I wish for the legacy of Steve Gerber, and one of them is that as much of his work as possible remain in -- or return to -- print.

* OTBP: a David Lasky comic lurks in this mostly-prose anthology.

* ComicsAlliance has a long story up about how East Press was convinced to do a Bible stories adaptation, after having done an adaptation of Mein Kampf.

* Brian Bendis will return to Brilliant.

* I'm not sure that I knew Jeffrey Brown was working on a sequel to his popular Darth-Vader-As-Attentive-Father book.

* so it looks like First Second and Paul Pope will be drumming up interest for this year's Battling Boy with a preview comic book. In my perfect world, all Paul Pope would do is make comic books, whatever size and format he liked.

* Tim Hamilton has a sneak peek on a work in progress.

* PW has word on a two-book deal for Raina Telgemeier, one of the more successful cartoonists of the last decade.

* Tessa Brunton is hard at work on a bigger-than-expected comic and would like to you show you the proof.

* finally, Satoshi Ken's Kaikisen will arrive in North America from Vertical.

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