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March 13, 2012

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* the cartoonist Dan Berry is offering for sale his 24-Hour Comic from the Angouleme Festival: Cat Island. You can read the whole thing here.

image* there are new mini-comics for sale in the Oily Boutique, including a series by Max De Rodrigues.

* the Classics Illustrated library has made its way to the Nook reader. Those price points seem sort of high to me, but what the hell do I know? Hell, for years I thought every other issue of Classics Illustrated featured Upton Sinclair's The Jungle when that was really only every fourth issue.

* a promotional quote by a fictional character isn't the weirdest thing you're likely to see as these mega-corporation partnerships move forward.

* the project has a place in this site's "giving" column, but the fact that Ted May and Company have an issue of Injury in the can is publishing news, too.

* there's a new issue of š! on the horizon, which is always good to hear.

* it's only publishing news the way we measure it for one more day, but the Little King book being imminent is a wonderful thing.

* Kevin Huizenga has finished a 60-page comic. That is also a universal positive. Huizenga could do a comic about what a worthless person you are, and you'd still be excited on the day it came out.

* Evan Dorkin talks about his appearances in two forthcoming issues of Dark Horse Presents.

* speaking of Dark Horse, here is some interior art from a forthcoming Baltimore series, the two-issue Baltimore: Dr. Leskovar's Remedy.

* Jaime Hernandez is apparently hard at work on his contribution to this summer's Love & Rockets.

* Graeme McMillan writes about artist changes at a pair of DC Comics comic book series; this is an issue not just for the comic itself, but as part of the attention paid to these kinds of comics right now in general for adhering to a schedule even if it means bringing in talent other than the talent considered the book's primary creators. That's actually a sort of nuanced issue. Of course there's going to be a bit of rough going as the mainstream companies try to keep schedules; they've trained the remaining, hardcore audience not to care about these things, not really, not in a way that penalizes the practice except in a slow bleed of readers over time and occasional instances of strain absorbed by the retailers. I still think that in the long term it behooves them to publish as rationally as possible, and that likely means publishing the vast majority of their periodical comics on a firm, dependable schedule. McMillan also blogs about apparent impending nuptials for Marvel's Northstar character, which sort of breaks with my policy of mentioning things that could be reported in the fictional universe in which they take place, but okay. I just hope no one tells that Hector guy from the swimsuit issue.

* finally, Salgood Sam would like to tell you about Carte Blanche 14, which has things like this panel from a Daniel Ha comic. In fact, it has the rest of the comic, too.

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