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March 19, 2013

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* John Martz will have two books debut at TCAF, and the covers are very handsome.

image* it seems like there were a bunch of casual, just-dropped-in-there announcement about various books being made over the last week. For instance, it's hard for me to imagine bigger news for the Library Of American Comics from a publishing-news standpoint that they're going to work with the strip iterations of DC superheroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. That's not the work they do that I find the most artistically satisfying, but 1) there are some really, really good comics in those strip runs, by some of the best creators to work on those characters, 2) DC roping in the IDW publishing partner/arm to do these is significant in and of itself and a vote of confidence in what they're doing there, 3) I have to imagine there's a completely different market for this stuff than perhaps the Little Orphan Annie material (which I dearly love).

* here's another one of those stand-alone items of news, Fantagraphics doing a book of Guantanamo trial sketches from Janet Hamlin. That actually sounds more in tune with a lot of the material they were publishing around 2004 when they suddenly released a whole bunch of politically aggressive books, but it also sounds really good, and that's pretty much timeless.

* we're about a week away from the comics-interested humor magazine The Devastator dropping its latest issue. That isn't really news, but I wanted a place to mention they're seven issues in, which is something.

* you can tell by the size of the preview being offered the new Percy Gloom book is imminent. I quite enjoyed Cathy Malkasian's last two books.

* Matt Bors updates us on the progress of his crowd-funded print book effort.

* the writer Greg Rucka ran this much-reblogged excerpt from his forthcoming creator-owned work (with Michael Lark and Santi Arcas) called Lazarus, and asks for your pre-ordering consideration.

* not sure that I knew we get to see new Paul Hornschemeier this year.

* Renée French's books are handsome no matter what market in which they appear. Seriously, for someone that works with a bunch of different publishers, they all seem to do well by her design-wise.

* I am the worst person at tracking and interpreting such things, but it seems like IDW has found itself some publishing space with deluxe editions of a lot of the stuff they publish, which isn't a dumb space to pursue at all given the age of the people that might be interested in this material and their potential income.

* finally, here's one I didn't know about at all: a print collection of this work here. If not a collection, a print iteration. Thank you, random, insomnia-induced wandering around Facebook.

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