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April 15, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* this is more "off the beaten path" than publishing news, but I totally missed any word of this new Dane Martin book while it was in development. One thing that's interesting is that there's a black and white and a color version.

image* this site does a pretty terrible job covering Oni Press, so it should come as no surprise we also missed a report from its ECCC panel which included word of books of interest for the next 15 months or so, including Paul Tobin/Benjamin Dewey collaboration and the first place I've seen the names of Greg Rucka's new collaborators on the Stumptown comic as that one moves forward.

* walk don't run to access this preview of the forthcoming Fantagraphics set of all the Witzend materials. That title had fun covers. Lot of good art in that preview, lot of good art in that series.

* I don't follow the mainstream comics world closely enough to tell you why they need a new Teen Titans #1, but I'm always happy to see the writer Will Pfeiffer get work. That's a title where I suspect the constant tendency to relaunch and reboot has actually hurt those characters over time. Also, they're relaunching their Suicide Squad comic. I wasn't aware they cancelled the previous one. You know, I'm sure all of the creators on both of these titles will make the best comics they can, but the visual approach strikes me as existing in the same place as 98 percent of all the comics DC has done over the last 20 years. Ditto a secret agent riff on an existing character.

* one creator whose partnerships have been consistently, creatively successful for DC is the writer Grant Morrison, whose Multiversity starting in August with a variety of well-regarded artists should be a highlight of that publisher's year. Even seeing this material, though, it hits me that I'd love to see Morrison shift into other genres and approaches for a while.

* so I guess they're killing Archie.

* I'm not certain if Kevin Truman is a webcomic or a published book or what, but I'm interested.

* I hadn't known that Michael Jordan was going to be doing a book with Space Face. That should be good.

* I had no idea there was a second Best Of Enemies book. It's interesting how David B. is developing a relationship to the North American market similar to the one that Jacques Tardi had for so many years: this enormous regard from the professional and publishing community that is not yet matched by a wider audience for his work. I'm sure some might object strongly to that characterization.

* finally, Carolyn C. Nowak reveals a cover for a forthcoming collection including Lazy comics.

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