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May 8, 2012

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* well, new Charles Burns is always astounding news. This is shaping up to be a fascinating year and it looks like it will end with a series of heavy-hitters.

image* Daniel Duford has a third volume of the The Naked Boy series up for sale here if you're interested and perhaps not willing to google that one from work.

* Jeff Lemire is bringing his Sweet Tooth to a close. That's an impressive run for that title, particularly as this is Lemire's decision rather than the publisher's.

* I look forward to seeing the results of this.

* Top Shelf is accepting pre-order on two summer releases, one from Ed Piskor and one from James Kochalka. That Piskor work should be interesting consume between a single set of covers -- I know I've read several pages, but I don't think I've read all of it yet.

* you can apparently head over to Dark Horse Digital and find free copies of the FCBD comics up. That makes sense to me. You know, Dark Horse has had a mostly sensible digital program from the start, or at least that's my impression of what they've been up to.

* on the other hand, this person seems to strongly disagree that Dark Horse is pursuing things in a totally rational fashion, at least when one aspect of how their digital materials are being offered.

* Josh Carroll wrote in to say he's re-launched his site here.

* TCJ doesn't do a whole lot of previews, but one for Dan Zettwoch's forthcoming book is a fine, fine choice. Here's one for the next Joe Daly at The Beat. That guy is remarkable.

* it seems odd to get a press release to news that the Get Fuzzy strip is about to explode into 17 different e-books being made available over the news few week that doesn't lead me directly to an article, but the attached word document says you should be able to find these books widely available that way by summer. I think there's going to be some definite interest in how the strip properties approach digital books -- most have a very specific, devoted audience that should lend itself to that kind of endeavor really, really well.

* finally, Fantagraphics released the cover to the next Love & Rockets: New Stories. Given that the last two issues were basically a right and left hand blow from some terrifying personage of creative force, I can't imagine a more anticipated book this summer. That's some cover.

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