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June 10, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* I stopped paying attention for a few minutes, and when I looked up there was a ton of new Jess Johnson work available or about to be available. Johnson is a very, very interesting comics-maker and not-exactly-comics maker.

image* I asked Dan Nadel a question last week about the Powr Mastrs series the now-closed PictureBox published and he says it ended up at Fantagraphics and I'm not sure I knew that. Hey, any excuse to run some of that cool art.

* I would imagine this to be the book of SPX, or at least one of two or three books for that show. I hope they bring a ton, because whatever they're bringing has a chance of selling out. There's also a high curiosity factor for a lot of us that don't naturally follow material on-line.

* Russ Burlingame has a piece up on the revamp of Captain Victory that Dynamite is coordinating with writer Joe Casey and several artists. I've enjoyed Casey's work dealing with other people's material and in the general key of Kirby, so to see him do both at once should be fun.

* Sequart sent out a press release saying this is their first book with a manga-related subject.

* Zainab Akhtar looks at the next wave of Peow Studio! releases.

* the Warren Ellis/Declan Shalvey run on Marvel's Moon Knight character will end soon, and there's a nice post here about the perspective of the creators on moving on fairly early into the news series. It's interesting to see the idea of relaunching a comic book property being discussed in terms of the sales number, because mostly we talk about sales number distinct from that idea -- in terms of the creators and what they're doing, even, just not in terms of what's been done with the character. Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood will take over. Color artist Jordie Bellaire will provide creative continuity.

* here's another article about mainstream comics, this time about one of those mini-series featuring a major character that routinely gets folded into the regular line.

* this is the most I've read so far on The French Comics Theory Reader, which is clearly being priced according to either academic standards for a textbook or the way Bob Burden used to do random art on his convention booths.

* finally, I wasn't aware they were going to do an art book out of the Bartkira on-line effort turned gallery show. But they have, and you can order it.

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