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June 17, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* I have yet to write about the Cardboard Press summer subscription program of four books, which is odd because those books look handsome and I'm usually a giant sucker for alternative distribution methods like subscription programs. As is the case with everything in that general part of the world an and most things wherever, Zainab Akhtar had a nice write-up.

image* I think it was the writer James Moore that made me notice that the Random House page for Bryan Lee O'Malley's Seconds has more information than a lot of us have seen on that imminent work. That will fairly bend review gravity around itself for a few weeks.

* the syndicated newspaper offering On A Claire Day calls it quits after eight years. Congratulations to the creators for their run and best of luck with whatever they have planned next.

* here is a one-page preview of Grandville: Noel, with I believe more to come.

* I think I may have already written about this in brief, but I don't recall seeing all of the Ben Marra Night Business comics in print any time recently.

* Adam Hughes' Death Of Archie cover is handsome, as one might expect. I'm not sure how I feel about either variant covers or manufactured events right now -- I keep swinging from a "not the worst thing in the world" to "yeah, pretty much the worst thing in the world" on both. I'd love to read someone without the incentive of market share or pay boost say it's a good thing and make a strong argument as to why.

* the Jim collection previewed. I'm not sure any name-on-the-festival-poster level cartoonist has had a half-decade run as good as Jim Woodring has had with as little fanfare.

* Udon has announced a line of literary adaptations.

* Vertigo announced a Peter Milligan/Leandro Fernandez series about five-six days ago, to be called The Names.

* finally, Conundrum Press revealed a final cover (front and back) for Joe Ollmann's Happy Stories About Well-Adjusted People.

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