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August 6, 2013

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* I was pleased to see the formal PR announcing this Fall's publication of a Neil The Horse collection from Hermes Press. That was one of the odder ducks of the indy-comics era, and while you can still snap up the actual comic books I wonder if that one is so far removed from the currency of comics conversation that just having it out again in a different form is a boon so that we can talk about it, at least.

image* Dark Horse will publish the more traditional of the EC collection projects, a version of the EC Comics Library that releases volumes by comics title and issues. Russ Cochran is on board.

* Jeet Heer's book about Francoise Mouly is now excerpted at the publisher's site.

* this new Benjamin Marra comic completely escaped my attention.

* CO2 Comics says it has finished its second phase of publishing projects and has three books out there for you track down: Doggie Style: The Complete Dog Boy, by Steve Lafler; Non, by Chris Kalnick; The Adventures Of Roma, by John Workman. I have the Doggie Style; I hope to dive into it soon.

* there will apparently be a Christmas edition of Happy, the Grant Morrison, Darick Robertson effort of recent vintage.

* the next issue of Palooka-ville previewed.

* this column should focus on comics not out for a while rather than already out, but I missed totally new DFC Library paperback editions.

* finally, a preview of The Hartlepool Monkey, forthcoming from Knockabout, surfaced at the FPI blog.

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