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August 30, 2012

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* I'm starting to hear about SPX debuts from people that aren't major boutique/arts publishers. Above is the cover for Wings For Wheels: A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen, which is edited by Nomi Kane. It includes work by by Pat Barrett, Josh PM Frees, Jen Vaughn, Dan McCool, Jen May, Todd McArther, and Nomi Kane and will be sold for $6. I'm not sure I'll be buying any comics as I'll probably be broke after buying t-shirts like this Laika one from Nick Abadzis.

image* Box Brown gets the Latvian fancy mini-comics treatment.

* here's a pretty good round-up of mainstream comics news emanating from last weekend's convention in Toronto.

* three key departures for DC Comics: Ben Abernathy, Judd Winick, Rob Liefeld. Abernathy was running their digital publishing arm, while Winick and Liefeld were solid participants in the New 52 initiative. Liefeld left in what became a pretty famous twitter-driven explosion of nasty commentary due to problems he was having with the gig; Winick left more quietly to pursue other projects. Abernathy left for an opportunity with Madefire, or got that opportunity soon after -- I'm not 100 percent sure. I don't think they'll feel any of those departures as much as they might some others, but I could be wrong.

* so they're doing a lot of variant covers with the Marvel Now initiative; here's one of Milo Manara drawing the Scarlet Witch. That's sort of terrifying, really, and I enjoy Manara's work. At any rate, I think it's a positive that they're doing variant covers with merit -- covers people might want to have a preferred experience with the comic as opposed to it just being a collectible -- but I still think that's a lot of pressure to put on the retailers so early in an ordering relationship.

* speaking of Marvel Now, here's how it was presented to the retailers. The "not a reboot" cry borders on the pathological, but I sort of get it. I'm not sure anyone cares about this as much as Marvel does, not in a market sense, but since Marvel does care this means they'll likely "win" that argument, and that could have benefits in terms of the way they position themselves in that market or with comics professionals.

* this is the longest piece I've seen to date on the forthcoming Image Comics collaboration between Matt Fraction and Howard Chaykin.

* that Steve Rude 2012 sketchbook that received some attention via a pre-orders focused crowdfunding campaign is now available in Rude's store. I've liked the previous copies of the sketchbook I've seen, and I'll eventually get my hands on the one of these ordered. I'd use an image, but Rude prefers people not to drive attention to his work that way, it seems.

* finally, here's access to the latest volume of a work by Lars Martinson with which I'm totally unfamiliar: The Kameoka Diaries.

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