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October 2, 2012

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* the hits keep coming from Koyama Press, with new works from Jane Mai and Nate Bulmer announced this week -- or, if previously announced, locked in for November. I should probably now, right? Anyway, these both look like they could be good comics. I'm not certain of the size or format here, but I want them both, anyway.

image* it makes total sense that we're getting more Grandville.

* here's PR for a new graphic novel line.

* Will Dinski has a couple of new books out, apparently. Here's one of them.

* I completely missed that Robert Goodin's Covered blog was winding down. That was a fun site, one of the top 25 comics sites of the last decade for sure. Here's a tribute to its shuffle off the virtual coil at Robot 6.

* the hobby business news and analysis site has pulled a story out of the weekend's MorrisonCon that gives some details on Grant Morrison's Multiversity project at DC Comics. Morrison is a superior maker of those kinds of comics, so that has a chance of being at least very interesting -- whether or not the material with which Morrison works when he does comics like that is as compelling to you as it is to Morrison is something that comes out in the reading.

* the next Phonogram series has been delayed. I guess that's too bad, as that feels like a series that can add to Image's creator-driven friendly bottom line. Having your comic delayed because of the other work you're getting isn't a bad thing to happen to any creator.

* it looks like they'll be collecting some of those Rick Geary murder books into larger volumes. I'm happy for that work to find its audience in any way possible, although I'm very fond of the individual volumes.

* I think I may have passed along a faulty assertion the other day, that the Globe & Mail had dropped comics entirely. I'm told now that they run six: Cornered, Bliss, Speed Bump, Bizarro, Pooch Cafe and Betty. That's almost more distressing in a way, because you can't point to the paper and say that result X is the cause of their having totally dropped comics.

* whenever there's a new English-language Lewis Trondheim series I always keep an eye out for information as to how much material has been released thus far in a French-language edition. With Ralph Azham, it looks like we're due book number four.

* finally: this completely escaped my attention until now, but it looks like Fantagraphics will be publishing at least one additional Schulz project from non-strip sources: a couple of Christmas-related magazine pieces. That should be pretty cool.

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