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November 6, 2012

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* there is an extensive preview here of a handsome-looking volume collecting Frank Bellamy's Heros The Spartan work. That one's going to be by Book Palace Books.

image* the long-delayed Matt Baker: The Art Of Glamour will apparently be published in late November. That was one handsome-looking dude.

* this would be neat if it comes off.

* I quite like the final look on Fantagraphics' January release The Heart Of Thomas. It's a completely different look, and it's imminent rather than coming soon, but that Duck series is pretty darn handsome, too.

* so Archie is launching a new quarterly reprint magazine.

* there's really nothing better than getting a bunch of these Oily Comics releases in your mailbox. That's not really publishing news, but it's nice to see a newer outfit devoted to print and tweaking the traditional model for delivery.

* if this is true, and I'm always liable to fall to practical jokes in that world, DC is doing 52 variants on a Justice League-related comic. I guess that's nice if you're one of the artists that suddenly has a gig you wouldn't have otherwise, but it's generally accepted that variants are not a healthy part of the Direct Market diet. So you're playing with fire, or at least type 2 diabetes.

* VIZ is doing a special edition of the Nausicaa books, which is good news. I don't have one right now, and will consider buying this one. I'm very fond of that particular manga.

* here's what John Byrne has going on. I haven't read a lot of more recent John Byrne. I think the last thing I read by him was a Gary Seven comic, of all things. He also strikes me as one of those cartoonists like Floyd Gottfredson -- and I know everyone always compares Byrne to Gottfredson -- who as he gets older values different things about his comics than I value. Still, one thing I love about comics right now is that there are more and more places for comics-makers to work for as long as they want to work, so I hope John Byrne works until he doesn't feel like working any longer.

* finally, there's still more Ronald Searle on the way.

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