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November 20, 2012

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* yet another micro-publisher: Bridge City Comics. That's their first book, above, from Aron Nels Steinke.

image* Fantagraphics unveils the cover to Prison Pit Vol. 5. Or at least a cover. It's great that these companies work far ahead enough in advance that they can do things like this. That's a hugely underrated element of book distribution, how it fosters this kind of advance work from the boutique publishers for whom those sales avenues are important.

* I would assume this post about Leon Beyond means that some sort of Leon Beyond book is going to be done by Uncivilized Books, and all of the protests to the contrary and general weirdness is just humor. I should have asked, but I'm behind on the column this week.

* Image will be releasing a bunch more of its $1 on-ramp comics. I think that's a good program for that company. The thing I like about it is that it seems to play into a strategy that there's money to be made by building significant readerships for ongoing serial comics -- it's not about squeezing more money out of an existing audience as much as it is attracting readers to certain titles.

* the best I can do link-wise for the Self Made Hero effort Deadbeats is this PDF.

* I suppose it's sort of interesting that there are enough comics where Batman and Judge Dredd interact to make for an entire collection. Like all things Dredd, there are likely a ton of super-talented comics-makers that worked on that material.

* great, great news that Arthur is going to give it another shot. There used to be about a half-dozen of these comics-conscious and comics-influenced more general pop-culture magazines, but it seems they've all gone away. For that matter, so did Arthur for several years. The new publishing partner is Floating World, and the particulars of what they have planned intrigue me.

* also welcome news: IDW will be compiling the three 1990s Spumco comic books through their work in partnership with the designer and packager Craig Yoe.

* the new Paul Rainey is available for mail-order.

* finally, this preview of Seven Miles A Second is both publishing news -- that re-release should go over really well -- and a pleasure to look at all by itself.

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