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November 22, 2011

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon


* this new Study Group Magazine looks like it could be awfully good. I'm looking forward to the Eleanor Davis interview in particular.

image* Scott Bukatman apparently has a book coming out next Spring on Winsor McCay's work. That should be good.

* Karl Stevens has a Kickstarter page up for his next comic, Imitating Life. The premiums on that one seem established at really affordable levels. I wonder if there's an established difference in the minds of Kickstarter users between aiming at a bunch of smaller donations or a few bigger ones? It wouldn't surprise me if someone out there was making that distinction, although I haven't seen it in play yet. Anyway, I liked Stevens' last book, and would like to see the next one.

* John Bergin has up for sale a comic he did with Jay O'Barr for a long-ago issue of Caliber Presents.

* to no one's surprise giving the very revealing teaser image, Image will be publishing a collection of Brandon Graham's King City comic series. It will be the same size as the comic, which was more reminiscent of the 1980s magazine format than a typical comic. I greatly enjoyed that series.

* there were more changes at Marvel last week, including additional drops of slower-selling titles like Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive. Another title, PunisherMAX, is being allowed to conclude. Since the issue number on which it's going to be canceled is a very high one, I would assume that the Black Panther title took over some other comic book's numbering (probably Daredevil), a move that hasn't really worked when Marvel's done it but is very old-school 1960s if you think about it. More of Marvel's better comic book series over the last decade or so have been this kind of mid-list title, which makes it that much more alarming for them to be pruning like mad in a year when they had three $100-million grossing movies out. It still makes me wonder what a post-Avengers movie Marvel publishing program might look like, or what the line five years from now will be like if they trim all the titles where companies like that tend to develop talent.

* here's some good news: Signe Wilkinson has a new strip coming out. My guess is that it's going to be local to her Philadelphia gig, a Sunday-only kind of thing, but I could be wrong.

* Ryan North is among those that will be working on the Adventure Time comic book adaptation. There are a couple of other talented people working on it as well, but I can't make out from the article what one of them will be doing, so I gave up. That comic could do very well.

* Chris Giarrusso and Brad Guigar are collaborating on what may be this week's best idea: a webcomic in affiliation with the Emerald City Comic Con, that will be posted on that show's web site. That show has a real chance of being the webcomic/comics industry crossover show, if you stop and think about it. Not that you couldn't use a webcomic just to throw some attention on a show devoted exclusively to paper. I'll shut up now.

* I'm not sure that I all the way knew that First Second will be doing a collection of Derek Kirk Kim and Les McClaine's Tune in 2012.

* here's the Graphicly blog post on exactly what works from Top Shelf will be available on what bookstore-affiliated reader for the holiday season. I like a lot of those books.

* finally, Domino Books has announced pre-orders for Clara Bessijelle's Face Man, which will make a physical debut at the forthcoming Brooklyn Graphics And Comics Fest.



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