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July 1, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* a cover image has been released for the forthcoming Mickey Zacchilli book from Youth In Decline, set for an SPX debut.

image* somehow I missed that Warren Craghead is doing a Minutemen tribute 'zine/comic, and wants your submissions.

* three of you sent along this link about First Second's acquisition of Kiss Number Eight by Colleen AF Venable and Leela Wagner, which means I should probably apologize to whomever had it first. Examples of the comics work through the link.

* Colleen Doran is very busy.

* the next issue of the half-digital, half-tabloid Believe Behavior will feature Michael DeForge.

* looks like we'll get the third Barnaby in about nine months. I can't wait. I thought that second volume was excellent.

* here's a preview of Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay taking on the Rob Liefeld Supreme character.

* here are a couple of Batman-related title announcements from DC Comics, described by Rob Bricken over at io9. I would imagine that the advance word on the high school will be very positive, and that the result will also be of a high quality; I hope that audiences take to it, particularly the Direct Market gatekeepers. Man, even with off-kilter Batman offerings, that's a lot of Batman. Then again, in a way, that they're doing two Aquaman titles seems like it's pusshing what that character will bar more than the eleventeen Bat titles.

* here's a full preview of the return of the Goon character; that's a very well-regarded series.

* I had no idea that Taschen was going to do one of those giant books about comics again, this time about Marvel.

* finally, one of those pieces of PR that goes out that everyone runs -- we can pick one at random -- happened several days ago with word that IDW was packaging the 1940s Wonder Woman strip into one of their big, fancy packages. I think that's a good one to have gained that kind of traction. There's a ton of interest in that character right now, and the early material has a potency to it that I'm not sure has ever been duplicated in the modern iterations, partly because some of that potency comes from problemetic elements.

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