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December 2, 2009

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* long-time alt-comics mainstay Rich Tommaso has launched a new web site where he promises he'll be posting pages from his various projects on a regular basis. I would think that would be a bookmark-able event for many of you, and is for me.

* cartoonist Darryl Cunningham has returned to his webcomic The Streets Of San Diablo.

* the well-liked alt-comics maker and writer about same Austin English has established a web presence for his newest venture, Sweetheart Books.

* the dean of Pennsylvania's might army of writers about comics, Chris Mautner, took the time to walk through Fantagraphics' Spring catalog. Comics highlights include
+ new books from Jim Woodring, Megan Kelso (sort of), Joe Daly (the first in a series), Mark Kalesniko (featuring Alex), Tony Millionaire (a Billy Hazlenuts offering), Stephen DeStafano and George Chieffet, Drew Weing, Jason,

+ MOME Vols. 19-20.

image+ strip offerings to include The Complete Peanuts, 1975-1976, second volumes to Prince Valiant Vol. 2 and their Bill Mauldin efforts, a new Krazy and Ignatz book and first volumes in their Nancy and Roy Crane series. The Nancy series will launch in conjunction with a book-version of the great How To Read Nancy essay from Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden.

+ paperback versions of Abandoned Cars and Blazing Combat.

+ collections of Jaime Hernandez's Whoa, Nellie! and Penny Century into the new, squarebound format that I love so much; a bunch of Crumb's Mister Natural cartoons collected into The Book Of Mister Natural, a hardcover version of It Was The War Of The Trenches, a bunch of Meatcake and related comics from Dame Darcy and the Wally Gropius material from Tim Hensley.

+ historical efforts to include a Bob Harvey-edited book on TS Sulilvant; Four Color Fear: Forgotten Horror Comics of the 1950s, from Greg Sadowski and John Benson, the first in several archival collections due from Fantagraphics under their deal with Sadowski; a book on Mort Meskin by Steven Brower.
I look forward to them all, urge you to read Mautner's comments and am sure I missed one or two.

* Icarus has announced it will end Comic AG along with the calendar year, and gives reasons why this is so.

* small press and minis de facto distributor and retailer The Catastrophe Shop has a selection of new titles available: Ganges #3, Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror, Fact Parader and Injury #1-3.

* cartoonist Kazu Kibuishi provides a first look at the printed Copper book.

* the professional wrestling organization WWE and Titan Books have thrown in together on a new comic book effort featuring the wrestling promoter's line-up of characters and personalities. It'd be interesting to have a peek behind the scenes in terms of what the expectations for such a line might be: comic-book comics is a fairly static field for all but a select few participants outside of traditional publishers, and is a relatively modest money-maker generally. Titan Books is an interesting partner, though, in that as an established publisher they're not the kind of "this is our one and only chance to make it" company that might traditionally receive this kind of gig.

* the writer Ken Parille gives us a sneak peek of the cover on the Dan Clowes: Conversations book the University Press Of Mississippi is releasing next summer.

* there are a couple of articles out there about what's in Jules Feiffer's biography, which is sort of strange in that the project is known to have been coming out for a while, and is still a while away.

* finally, Mike Dawson has released an image from a new, forthcoming project: Troop 142.

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