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December 4, 2012

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* Two major book-season catalog drops: Fantagraphics' massive one, and First Second's not-as-massive one. This also means that most publishers are shaping up their next season as we speak, double-checking the progress of planned-for books and putting finishing touches/adding flourishes here and there. You can see the Fantagraphics post on their season and even download their catalog PDF here.

Their line-up includes:

* Dash Shaw (new work)
* Samuel R. Delany/Mia Wolff (reprint/new edition)
* Peter Bagge (reprint/new edition)
* Carl Barks (ongoing)
* George Carlson (newly-collected)
* Graham Chaffee (new work)
* Johnny Craig (newly-collected)
* Robert Crumb (reprint/new edition)
* Gene Deitch (newly-collected)
* Kim Deitch (new work)
* Steve Ditko (newly-collected)
* Michael Dowers (editing a new anthology of mini-comics)
* Al Feldstein (newly-collected)
image* Manuele Fior (new work)
* Lars Fiske/Steffen Kverneland (new work)
* Jim Flora (newly-collected)
* Charles Forsman (new work)
* Hal Foster (ongoing)
* Kipp Freidman (prose memoir)
* Floyd Gottfredson (ongoing)
* Bill Griffith (ongoing)
* Hergé (newly-translated)
* Jason (new work)
* R. Macherot (newly-translated)
* Cathy Malkasian (new work)
* Marti (newly-translated)
* Linda Medley (reprint/new edition)
* Willard Mullin (newly collected)
* Anders Nilsen (reprint/new edition)
* Charles Schulz (ongoing series)
* Leslie Stein (new work)
* Storm P. (newly-translated)
* Virgil Partch (newly-collected)
* Trina Robbins (prose history)
* Charles Rodrigues (newly-collected)
* Shimura Takako (new work)
* Jacques Tardi (reprint/new edition/newly-translated)
* Basil Wolverton (newly-collected)
* Jim Woodring (new work)

Plus there are a few holdovers, like the Moto Hagio. Holy smokes. Off the top of my head, I'm most interested in seeing the Chaffee (!!), the Malkasian, the Stein and the Rodrigues; I'm interested in how the Forsman will be received. Jim Woodring and Kim Deitch are top ten cartoonists for me. Those are the things I'd walk to first at the San Diego table while rudely ignoring the nice people that work there. But I want pretty much all of them.

* as for First Second, JK Parkin has a fine, succinct write-up on their forthcoming book season here. They go Cecil Castellucci/Sara Varon, Jim Ottaviani/Maris Wicks, Matt Kindt, Steven T. Seagle/Teddy Kristiansen, Dave Roman, Jordan Mechner/LeUyen Pham/Alex Puvilland and Prudence Shen/Faith Erin Hicks. More Seagle/Kristiansen is always good news. I'm going to stick the cover to that on the bottom of this post. I also wondered the other day about the Mechner, which is a sequel to a previous series installment.

image* it looks like the re-launch of comics-friendly Arthur will feature a cover from Rick Veitch.

* Craig Thompson is apparently working on a graphic novel for Scholastic, aimed at kids. That should be super-pretty. Fun, too.

* did that Fantagraphics list seems excessive to you? Not so fast. Fantagraphics Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds notes that according to an in-house count, the publisher has produced approximately 100 comics and graphic novels in 2012. That's a lot of material. Reynolds himself edited around 20 of those books.

* so I guess Archie will publish double double-digests. Brigid Alverson has her usual strong write-up here, which is good, because I honestly don't know what that first sentence really means.

* I'm not sure if I knew a new version of Cannon was on its way, or if I knew and forgot, or if I hadn't heard a thing, but that's good news.

* Zak Sally is apparently ensconced at an undisclosed location finishing up on a Sammy The Mouse-related matter. We wish him well.

* and here's that Seagle/Kristiansen cover image.

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