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December 7, 2010

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* a new classics line at Casterman kicks off with a re-release of the Mattotti/Kramsky Fires and Murmur books under one cover. Those books' English-language versions don't get discussed a whole lot, but I saw a lot of cartoonists looking at them in the mid-1990s.

* probably the big publishing news of the moment was communicated through a press release Monday that IDW is expanding its forthcoming Alex Toth books to three books: the previously announced Genius, Isolated to be followed by Genius, Illustrated and Genius, Animated. The three will then be open to slip-casing. Every delayed work should have this outcome.

image* one of the great things about there being so many fantastic comics being published right now is that you can look forward to something like Wilfred Santiago's book on Roberto Clemente for what seems like the longest time and be perfectly happy waiting until it comes out. That also has to be the first Fantagraphics product with a pull-quote from an ESPN commentator on the front cover.

* it looks like Rob Kelly is putting together a book about comics-reading.

* so apparently artist Frazer Irving's next project will be the Xombi revival. That strikes me as an odd place for Irving to end up given how luminous his Batman And Robin work ended up being, but there could be all sorts of things about the move I'm not getting, up to and including that's the project Irving wants to do. That announcement certainly doesn't disappoint me personally, I'm happy to follow that guy wherever he goes.

* Jared Gardner is ending Guttergeek for a new TCJ sister blog with various well-regarded panelists that will start in early 2011.

* the entire first chapter of the Spanish version of Daytripper has apparently been put on-line for you to read.

* I'm told via e-mail that Mortimer The Slug has passed its first birthday. Congratulations to Team Mortimer.

* finally, I can't imagine a better year-ender for this column (well, I might do one next week, but probably not) than to drive your eyes and attention to the 26th issue of Mineshaft, a precious object in a world of ephemeral experiences. It will be out in January, and we'll all be better for it. That cover looks great.

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