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December 11, 2012

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* I totally missed this one-page preview from Max Woodring's forthcoming OAK. Sure, we'll all be dead soon, but at least we get to read some fun comics before we fall over.

image* the first round of Free Comic Book Day Comics has been announced, or at least the participants in the top tier of that promotion. That's a good promotion for a lot of traditional comic book stores, or at least an effective one.

* here's a short a list of good books coming out in 2013, except the last one -- that's not coming out in 2013.

* First Second will apparently be doing the Delilah Dirk book -- that's one that always struck me as a First Second book.

* how they'll be collecting Before Watchmen.

* the late Harvey Pekar will make a guest appearance in a new issue of Lois Gilbert's memoir comics Lois, which also feature work by some of Pekar's collaborators including a cover by Dean Haspiel. I would assume this means anecdotes from when Pekar was still alive.

* the great cartoonist John Porcellino is also an important figure in print mini-comics and 'zine distribution; he continues to add new Christmas 2012 offerings here.

* here's some really great news: there will be an archival edition of Frank Santoro's excellent Blast Furnace Funnies. That's a fine, fine comic.

* it's not comics, but here's an illustration magazine called The Loop.

* new Eleanor Davis is always great news.

* the Wall Street Journal is making available the Pepper... And Salt cartoons as prints and posters.

* Jim Zubkavich will be writing the DC comic book title Birds Of Prey.

* Fantagraphics putting a volume back in print probably isn't news worth noting all by itself, but I find it interesting that they Complete Crumb series is worth it for them to reprint this way. Crumb's appeal is popular and enduring, of course, but these are very 1990s-type collections. I like 1990s-type collections, and am glad whenever such a project hangs in there.

* finally, the writer Harlan Ellison and the cartoonist Paul Chadwick are collaborating on a Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven in Space-type project called Harlan Ellison's 7 Against Chaos.

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