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January 22, 2013

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* I don't want to turn this column into a full-on previews link post. Still, I'll admit I'm getting close to that this week, mostly because I'm separating a bunch of publisher-centric news into their own posts. Still, I thought the new Greg Sadowski effort on behalf of B. Krigstein might be worth noting. Sadowski's past work with Krigstein was I think reasonably influential in terms of upping the presentation game on such books, so anything he does with the artist catches my attention. I'm not visually sophisticated enough to really suss out exactly how that element of past books worked, but I think the overall attractiveness of those volumes communicated a seriousness that was extremely welcome and appealing.

image* there are four new mini-comics offerings out from fine folks at kus! I love these little books.

* here's a news item about the forthcoming Scott Snyder/Jim Lee Superman comic getting its first market exposure via an appearance of a comic in the FCBD offering from DC Comics. I think what strikes me as a little bit odd about that is the we know this thing will sell well. I'm way overstating things, and I'm not sure how to get at this point, but it's a little bit uncomfortable when projects become desirable without anyone really knowing if it's going to be horrible or not. In other words, I'm not sure a a comic book like this can tank because of the way the Direct Market is set up, which is why when something even slightly underperforms -- like that one "crisis" issue DC did on the eve of a Heroes Con that one time -- it really jumps out at you. It also locks the market into behavior where these top-of-the-line comics assume greater importance because of the PR gains involved. I guess what I'm suggesting is that maybe there really shouldn't be pre-sold comic books to the extent there are pre-sold comic books, but that's about as useful as wishing for a magic ring that makes sandwiches.

* here is a 7-page preview of the next Jess Fink book.

* the next Miriam Katin is previewed.

* I always like it when there's a superhero comic I can buy, because some places, that's all they sell.

* I don't know if everyone can see this, but those that can will see what the Abrams version of Darryl Cunningham's science-denial book looks like.

* so I guess longtime Wizard mainstay Mike Cotton ended up at DC Comics as an editor.

* I don't usually just post cool-looking projects across which I happen to stumble poking around the Internet, but here's a cool-looking project from CF I happened to stumble across poking around on the Internet. And here's what looks like an update for that project.

* finally, the Library Of American Comics provides a look at the cover for their forthcoming Russ Manning-era Tarzan series.

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