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January 7, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* Rich Tommaso says his Yearling ships its first issue this week; I'm going to put that here rather than in the "Library" or even "OTBP" categories just because it looks like a wide, somewhat-scattered launch in that it will be available a bunch of different ways.

image* Jim Starlin is apparently doing a graphic novel effort with Marvel featuring his Thanos character, which suggests a settlement of any issue that Starlin might have over who owns that character right now in terms of primary profiting and all of that. Late night dorm hallway lawyer thinking suggests that Starlin might have had a pretty good claim to really press for ownership, but divorced from Marvel the character of course has much, much less value. I like Starlin's comics of this type; they were very much a part of my superhero-obsessed childhood.

* I find a lot of these year-end type things generating copy from survey pretty rough going, in that they're kind of these mass exercises in industry myopia: the biggest stories always seem to be right in the wheelhouse of the person writing the piece. You do glean some crucial nuggets out of them, though, such as Sarah Glidden writing that her Rolling Blackouts now has a Spring 2015 release date. That's her book from Drawn and Quarterly.

* Matt Kindt will apparently leave Suicide Squad just as soon as Overman stops standing on top of the White House or however you want to describe their current "Forever Evil" plotline. They don't seem to keep their bigger writers on titles for very long at DC, or at least it seems like there are one or two announcement per quarter where you think, "that didn't last very long." I'm not sure why that would be a strategy to pursue, and I'm sure someone will tell me it's not really a strategy at all. That's a curious line right now.

* the hobby business news and analysis site provides an overview of Dark Horse's Sin City publishing program headed into a year where another movie is expected related to that property. I like that kind of piece.

* Robot 6 announced that Abrams will publish Philippe Squarzoni's Climate Changed and that SelfMadeHero will be the place to find Rob Davis' The Motherless Oven. They also have a look at the Sam Alden cover for his project at Retrofit.

* CBR caught that Jim McCann and Janet K. Lee have acquired the rights to their Return Of The Dapper Men, which was a kind of left-field hit and awards-hoover a few years back with publisher Archaia, now part of the sprawling BOOM! empire.

* Albert Uderzo may write Asterix again.

* finally, great news: they're working on a White Boy book.

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