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January 9, 2018

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News

By Tom Spurgeon

image* Noah Van Sciver vows to get this issue of Blammo! out in 2018.

* Brian Bendis reveals the last serial comic-book issues of his long run at Marvel. Bendis was a throwback at Marvel because not only did he innovate in terms of approaching material within the line, he remained an A-list creator in terms of sales and heft for the bulk of his time there. They'll miss him.

* Bendis' former home (and still his home in a sense while the recently ailing writer catches up with his final issues there) Marvel Comics is going to offer a Venom-related mini-event to drive some attention to their books. I think that may be good for the Schueller, Michelinie, McFarlane and Zeck Venom character, the subject of a film coming out soon. In other Marvel news where an outside publication has taken notice, Gail Simone will be the writer on a comic book series featuring the Domino character created by Rob Liefeld -- not sure who gets the art duties although there's a Land/D'Armata cover through the link. Saladin Ahmed, Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez will do an Exiles book; Ahmed has impressed people who pay close attention to that world with his work partnered with Christian Ward on Black Bolt.

* Wayno is taking over dailies on Bizarro. Dan Piraro will focus on Sundays. Wayno and Piraro have collaborated in various ways for I think about 10-12 years now -- some coloring, some guest runs, maybe even some gag work Wayno to Piraro. It would be a shocker if any other cartoonist were to take over the dailies, that's for sure.

* Everett Rand from Mineshaft e-mailed right before the new year to double-check my physical mailing address, which I suppose means we're soon to get another issue of that fine magazine,

* finally: Ryan Sands announces that there will be a second issue of Lovers Only.
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