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February 11, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* totally missed that Genesis an image project featuring art by Alison Sampson, had been made official with a cover and everything. Iv'e been swiping from Sampson's tumblr for about two solid years now.

image* art for Manuele Fior's next book popped up on-line here. It looks super pretty.

* I totally missed that Warren Craghead has new work out, this time drawings inspired by atrocities in Syria. Craghead is a vastly under-appreciated comics-maker. I also missed that Aron Nels Steinke and Ariel Cohn will do The Zoo Box for First Second this Fall. It might be the way I break out in hives about the over-use of the word "exclusive," which, ironically, makes that kind of news more exclusive than if I were more comfortable processing it and then repeating it right away.

* Virginia Paine at Sparkplug dropped about a year's worth of news all at once in a recent e-mail/posting.
+ Reich #11 is delayed until LA ZineFest or directly after LA ZineFest.
+ they are accepting order for the first in their Sparkplug Mini Series, Asher Craw's Hungry Summer.
+ the second in that series will by Infinite Astronaut: Corpse Exquisite by Ariyana Suvarnasuddhi. That one will debut at CAKE.
+ the third in that series will be The Anthropologists by Whit Taylor, and will be out in July corresponding with Portland Zine Symposium.
+ the publisher plans to exhibit at LA Zine Fest (February 16), LineworkNW (April 12), CAKE (May 31 to June 1), Portland Zine Symposium (July 12-13), and SPX (September 13-14).
So there you go! That should take us a few months from now on Sparkplug.

* not comics: future volumes of Rookie will be published via the Random House/Penguin imprint Razorbill.

* our friends at Fantagraphics has a preview up for the Conor Stechschulte book The Amateurs.

* so the writer Geoff Johns will team with the artist John Romita Jr. on a Superman project for DC Comics. That's actually a big deal from some overlapping angles. One is that the book should sell well. Another is that what Geoff Johns is doing creatively at DC is always worth noting due to his central role at the company. A third is that John Romita Jr. is one of the great mainstream comic book artists of the last quarter century so everything he does is interesting. A fourth is that Romita Jr. is very much seen as a Marvel talent, as that's where he has done the bulk of his work. A fifth is that Romita Jr. doing this kind of work -- as opposed to the Kick-Ass project with Mark Millar -- almost certainly involves a hefty page rate (Kick-Ass may involve one as well depending on how things were put together, but that kind of project is also royalty and outside-licensing oriented in a way Superman is not for a comic book artist), so I assume there's something to be said there just for DC stepping up to the plate for a talent like Romita on a book like this one. A sixth? It could be a fun comic. Interesting times.

* finally, a pair of major releases for younger-but-not-necessarily-all-young readers were put out there this week. Kazu Kibuishi gave folks a look at this summer's Amulet volume cover. First Second Books has a cover up here for the Cory Doctorow/Jen Wang collaboration In Real Life, which like a lot of First Second Books has an appealing-sounding high concept hook.

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